Milagrow IMap 10.0

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Fully Independent Self Navigating Robot with Electronic Water Tank, Comes with RT2R Technology, IoT & Alexa Enabled, Smart Laser Navigation, Scans 6*360 Degree/Sec 2160 Time/Sec, Cleans Double the Area in Same Time, Displays Cleaned & Left-Out Area, Resumes Cleaning Left-Out Areas After Recharging, NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 2700Pa Suction Power, High Precision Map on Mobile Device.

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Fully Independent Self Navigating Robot with Electronic Water Tank & 3 hour battery life
RT2R Technology – Real time terrain recognition technology with LDS Lidar & SLAM
18 types of sensors (Others max 12) which help in faster path planning and displaying cleaned and left out areas in real time, on the mobile.
Octacore CPU (Others maximum Quadcore) helps with fleet management and team management and overall faster response time
Electronic Water Tank that has been modified to take Sodium Hypocholrite 1% solution to kill Covid19 spores on floor
Scans 6*360 degree/sec 2160 time/sec
Cleans Double the Area in Same Time
Triple air filter system with HEPA12 (Others F6 or less) & can remove 99.5% of PM upto 0.1 microns (Covid spores can be upto 0.16 microns) & 99.97% of PM upto 0.3 micron
NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 2700Pa Suction Power
450ml dust box
Builds Realtime, High Precision Map on mobile device
Does Real Time Path Planning
Displays Cleaned & Left Area, Comes back to Clean the Left out Areas,
After cleaning one room the robot will go to another room, without assistance
Memory function makes sure that after battery depletion it recharges & resumes from the point it left cleaning with laser guidance,
Intuitive mobile app.
Milagrow 10.0 RT2R Software Generation
HEPA removes 99.97% of all particulate matter smaller than 0.3 micrometer
Comes with full self diagnosis and troubleshooting display function as it works, in real time
Robotic Stair and Fall Sensor
Robotic Obstacle and Optical Sensor
Robotic Self Diagnosis
Robotic Accelerometer Sensor
Robotic Gyro Sensor
Robotic Extra Dirt Sensor
Robotic Pre-Scheduled Cleaning
Robotic Self Charging
Robotic Water Tank for Wet Cleaning
Anti Slip Tyres
Doorsill crossing & Carpet Climbing Ability
Pet Hair Removal
Cleans All Floors and Tiles – Hard, Wood, Glass, Marble, Linoleum, Smooth & Slippery
Cleans Most Carpets – Flat, Short Hair, Deep Pile
Self Preservation & Self Diagnosis by recognizing most malfunctions and guiding the user to troubleshoot.
2 Year on Robot, 5 year on Suction Motor, 6 months on Battery

Inthe Box

Charging Dock
Rechargeable Battery Pack Installed
Water Tank
Cleaning Brush
Micro fiber mop
Side Brush – 1 Installed + 1 Extra
Rolling Brush Opening Tool
Filter Mesh – 1 Installed + 1 Extra
HEPA Filter
Instruction Manual
Main Dustbin Installed


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